“Spider-Man-No Way Home”: Peter’s girlfriend may have to sacrifice again


In the first two films of Spider-Man, MJ played by Zendaya is very popular among fans. She is Peter’s good friend and Peter’s favorite. The two finally left in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. Come together.

In the next “Spider-Man-No Way Home”, MJ will also usher in a new adventure of his own, facing the super villain from the multiverse with Peter.

"Spider-Man-No Way Home": Peter's girlfriend may have to sacrifice again

You may hope that MJ can have a wonderful story, but the real situation may disappoint you, and Peter’s girlfriend MJ may sacrifice.

In a recent interview, Zendaya, who played MJ, said that the third Spider-Man movie was incredible, but it was also bittersweet, and said that he had little hope of returning.

Zendaya came to Hollywood as a singer and came to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After the first “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, it has won the love of thousands of fans.

But with the development of the Marvel movie plot, the departure of Zendaya’s MJ is actually understandable.

At present, there are also some leaks that reveal MJ’s sacrifice.

Specifically, after the opening of the multiverse, the old villains headed by Norman Osborn officially returned, including Dr. Octopus, Electric Man and Lizardman.

"Spider-Man-No Way Home": Peter's girlfriend may have to sacrifice again

Doctor Strange asked Spider-Man for help and added magic to his suit.

Subsequently, Spider-Man successfully captured several villains, but was eventually rescued by Norman Osborn.

Norman Osborn’s plan is to use a treasure of Doctor Strange and the Osborn technology of this timeline to summon himself in other universes.

In the process of handling the incident, Garfield Spider-Man and Toby Spider-Man also participated, but the final result was not perfect.

During the war, MJ was killed by Norman Osborn’s pumpkin bomb and the Holland Spiderman almost collapsed.

After losing his mind, Spider-Man refused to listen to dissuasion and broke the treasure of Doctor Strange.

"Spider-Man-No Way Home": Peter's girlfriend may have to sacrifice again

This prevented Norman Osborn’s plan, but it also caused even greater disaster.

The above plot is only part of the leaked plot of “Spider-Man-No Way Home”.

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“Spider-Man-No Way Home” is likely to be Zendaya’s last Marvel movie, and I love Spider-Man.

MJ’s sacrifice may be a necessary stage in Spider-Man’s success story.

After “Avengers 4”, many superheroes have left, including Iron Man, Old Captain America, and Black Widow.

"Spider-Man-No Way Home": Peter's girlfriend may have to sacrifice again

New stages require new superheroes.

Spider-Man wants to lead this new team. Apart from his great strength, his mind also needs to mature.

Perhaps it was MJ’s sacrifice that inspired Spider-Man’s fighting spirit and made him a perfect superhero.

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