Rumored Quentin Tarantino’s new film failed to develop, “Django and Zorro” cooperation fell through


Today, according to media sources, Quentin Tarantino wanted to make a new film about “Django and Zorro team” is gone, it was recently revealed that the film was not developed successfully, it was also revealed that he even asked Antonio Banderas to play Zorro, but the two first cooperation The opportunity seems to have fallen through.


The new film project was revealed in 2019 and Quentin is in development. And recently one of the film’s writers, well-known comedian Jerrod Carmichael confirmed to GQ magazine that the project “can not happen,” he said he actually liked the script.

“Quentin is a nutcase, which I love, and spending time with him is a joy.” Carmichael reveals that he and Quentin watched some exploitation films at the latter’s new Beverly Cinema, after which Quentin made him fresh lemonade in the kitchen and read him some scene clips from a script he had typed out on his typewriter, scenes that Quentin wanted to shoot but hadn’t captured in previous films.


The finished “Django& Zorro” script was described as “fantastic” by Carmichael, who said he hoped Sony would develop it, but “I’m aware of the impossibility of it. I’m aware of the impossibility of this, but I still think we’ve written a movie that will sell $500 million”.

Banderas, who played Zorro, also told ‘USA Today’ that he met Quentin at a party around the time of the 2020 Oscars, when he was competing for the lead role in ‘Dolor y gloria’.

Quentin talked to him about the film and asked him to play Zorro, to which Banderas replied, “You’ll do it? Yes!”

Because he thought Quentin could make a film like this – some project with the flavor of a 1960s-70s B-movie – with quality and fun.


Banderas added: “We’ve (he and Quentin) never worked together before, and it’s going to be great, because of him, and because of Jamie Foxx, and playing Zorro again, when the character is a little bit older. It’s going to be great, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be crazy.”

The film’s story is adapted from the slash comic “Django

The plot takes place several years after the time of the movie, Django is still a bounty hunter, after settling his wife Broomhilda near Chicago, he hits the road again, meets the famous Grand Theft Auto Zorro, and is attracted to him.

Django then becomes Zorro’s “bodyguard”, working with him to free the locals from their fate of enslavement.


Quentin has always said he would retire after his tenth directorial effort, his next film, which did not come to fruition, and it is not known what his next film will be.

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