Netflix’s new drama “Inventing Anna” released Official Trailer and posters, deceived celebrities in New York!

Netflix released the official trailer and poster of the new drama “Inventing Anna”, which is 100% real and 100% deceitful.

What is the real story of “Anna” who played New York celebrities around?

“Inventing Anna” will officially begin airing on February 11.

The series stars Julia Garner and is adapted from true events by gold-medal American drama producer Shonda Rhimes.

Netflix's new drama

From New York Magazine’s popular article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”: A woman named Anna Delvey claims to be the daughter of a German billionaire, and has attracted a lot of attention since ins.

She became a popular it girl in the New York social circle, met many rich and famous people in the circle, took their money and almost started a luxury club.

But since then, Delvey has been accused of being a fraudster, defrauding money from banks, friends she made, etc., and her real identity is Anna Sorokin, a Russian.

Did she steal the money and attention of the famous New Yorkers in addition to stealing their attention and affection?

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