Netflix’s new drama ‘Heartstopper’ renewed for seasons 2 and 3


Netflix’s new same-sex/youth school drama “Heartstopper” announced the renewal of its second and third seasons. The drama was launched on April 22 and received enthusiastic responses.

“Heartstopper” is based on Alice Oseman’s hit webtoon, and it focuses on Nick and Charlie, two boys at an all-boys grammar school. Charlie is openly gay, he’s mentally sensitive and always thinks too much; Nick is a sunny, soft-hearted football player.

Netflix's new drama 'Heartstopper' renewed for seasons 2 and 3

Once the two were arranged to sit together and became friends, Charlie quickly fell in love with Nick.

He didn’t think he had a chance, but love always surprises, Nick is more interested in Charlie than the two imagined…

The themes of the story are about love, friendship, loyalty and psychological issues.

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