“Memoria” held its world premiere in Cannes


The film “Memoria” directed by Cannes Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul and starring Oscar for best actress Tilda Swinton will premiere in Cannes on July 15.

Director Apichatpong joined a group of film creators in attendance. The lead actor Tilda Swinton wore an elegant white deep V gown and appeared on the red carpet with actors Elkin Diaz, Jeanne Balibar, Juan Pablo Urrego and other major creators.

The premiere of “Memoria” was held in the Hall of Lumière in Cannes. After the screening, the audience stood up and applauded all the creators.

"Memoria" held its world premiere in Cannes

“This is a very long and very moving journey. After getting out of the lockdown of the epidemic, the movie was finally screened and I saw everyone… so many people are here, it’s like a reunion.”

After the screening, director Apichatpong said. “I really can’t speak. Thank you for sharing the movie, shining together, and speaking together… Long live the movie!”

In addition, Apichatpong is especially grateful to the lead actor Tilda Swinton, who dyed all her blonde hair brown for the filming.

“Thank you for your trust and everything. Thank you for your hair and your loose pants.”

"Memoria" held its world premiere in Cannes

After the premiere, many media and audiences immediately expressed their love and admiration for “Memoria”. Among them, the British “Guardian” gave “Memoria” a full 5-star rating.

The article stated that “Memoria” is “a beautiful and mysterious film, a film that makes the heartbeat slow down (calm)”.

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(Screen Daily) commented that (the audience) was unknowingly brought into an illusionary fable by “Memoria”.

“He boldly transformed simple stories into resonating fables. This perspective is as always surprising and even inspiring.”

“It seems to be very spiritual and organic, like a sleep illusion, where illusions are wanton, myths pass through, and souls wander; but his story never stops sinking into reality.”

"Memoria" held its world premiere in Cannes

“Memoria” is the first feature feature film of Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong leaving Thailand and filming in Colombia.

It tells a woman who is haunted by a mysterious loud noise every night and has hallucinations.

And wandering in South American cities and jungles, trying to find the source of hallucinations, searching for and sharing memories.

At the same time, “Memoria” is also the first feature film of Tilda Swinton, the winner of the Academy Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Venice Film Festival, with director Apichatpong.

With the strong cooperation of the two, “Memoria” has become one of the most popular films competing for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

“Memoria” is jointly produced by Xihe Xinghui Pictures and iQiyi, and is co-produced by Jia Zhangke as the director.

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