“Ice Age: Scrat Tales” released poster, Scrat the squirrel is back!


On February 23, according to media reports, the short film “Ice Age: Scrat Tales”, a derivative of the animation “The Ice Age”, released the official poster, announcing that it will be launched on Disney+ on April 13.

"Ice Age: Scrat Tales" released poster, Scrat the squirrel is back!

In the poster, Scrat the squirrel from the “The Ice Age” series stands on the edge of a cliff and holds an acorn, while a young squirrel is lying on the acorn.

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In the “The Ice Age” series, the character Scrat impressed everyone. In the process of collecting acorns, he “inadvertently” accelerated the demise of the dinosaurs, triggered the calving of glaciers, and even flew away from the earth. into the universe.

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On January 28, “The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild”, featuring Buck Wild, was not rated as well as expected after it went live, scoring only 4.6 points on IMDb.

Many fans expect “Ice Age: Scrat Tales” to continue the wonderful film series.

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