Hulu Comedy Series ‘Ramy Season 3’ Releases Official Trailer


The official trailer for the Hulu comedy series ‘Ramy Season 3’, which will air on September 30th.

The new Season 3 trailer for Hulu’s hit series “Ramy” shows the odds are stacked against the titular character as he faces a $100,000 debt and a “spiritual debt” for doubting his Muslim faith.

Ramy’s family is also looking to find their culture stateside, or as the trailer says, “caught between who they want to be and who they really are.” Season 3 premieres September 30 on Hulu.

The official logline for the series reads: “Caught between a religious Muslim community who believes life is a moral test and a millennial generation that doubts an afterlife exists, Ramy and his family navigate spirituality in their politically-divided New Jersey neighborhood.”

Hiam Abbass, May Calamawy, Mahershala Ali, and Amr Wakkad also star in the series. Bella Hadid is making her series debut in a recurring role as actor Steve Way’s “weirdo girlfriend” in the series, as described in GQ.

“It’s probably one of the weirdest scripts we’ve ever written,” Youssef told the outlet of Hadid’s role this season. “And that says a lot.”

Across two seasons, Emmy-nominated Youssef has captured the intergenerational quest to “reconcile the religious traditions of an older Muslim generation with the accepted customs of today; he struggled to connect with women, his friends, and his family without betraying either his faith or his own desires,” as IndieWire’s Ben Travers wrote in the Season 2 review.

Travers continued, “With excellent pacing, solid structure, and a keen sense of humor, “Ramy” finds the kind of emotional assuredness its main character craves. It’s a smarter, better show for being so hard on Ramy, in part because it knows him well enough to not let the whole story rest on one young millennial’s shoulders.”

Season 3 will span 10 episodes, and will directly challenge using the Muslim religion as a “crutch” deflecting from a coming of age.

“It’s almost like Ramy’s been using his faith as a crutch, and I’m ready to see him deconstruct that and connect in more genuine ways,” the series creator Youssef said in 2020.

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