Hideo Kojima praised and recommended Netflix’s new drama “Hellbound”: Hardcore theme


According to media reports recently, Netflix’s fantasy thriller “Hellbound” adapted from the comic of the same name has landed on the Netflix online platform on November 19th and aired all 6 episodes.

“Hellbound” is directed by Sang-ho Yeon, director of “Train to Busan”.

Hideo Kojima praised and recommended Netflix's new drama "Hellbound": Hardcore theme

On November 22, the famous game producer Hideo Kojima tweeted “Hellbound”, saying that the theme of this show is very hardcore and highly recommended.

Hideo Kojima gave the series extremely high reviews and praise in a tweet.

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He said: “Watched Sang-ho Yeon’s 6 episodes of “Hellbound”. This is great! I like the two-part structure, with three episodes in each part. The plot is well developed! The theme is solid. Highly recommended! I can’t wait Watch the rest! I have also read the original webcomic.”

“Hellbound” tells the story of a hell messenger who suddenly appeared to take people to hell for trial without warning.

The purgatory on earth began, and various supernatural phenomena occurred frequently. A religious group with the concept of sacred justice emerged from the chaos, and there were people trying to find out the truth.

How will human beings struggle to survive in a chaotic world when they face a critical moment of humanity.

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