‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’ is R-rated, will be made into a horror film


After the confirmation of the reboot, the large IP ‘Hellboy’ has a new dynamic revealed. It is reported that the film, tentatively titled ‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’, will be made into a folk horror film, and will be restricted, that is, R-rated.

'Hellboy: The Crooked Man' is R-rated, will be made into a horror film | FMV6

This also means that there will be a lot of violence, profanity, etc. in the film. Compared to the previous ‘Hellboy’ films, which cut corners for the sake of box office and big studio censorship red lines, this reboot by Millennium Films and Dark Horse Entertainment may truly return to comic book canon.

The film is adapted from the comic of the same name, about Hellboy and an agent, in Appalachian investigation of paranormal events, and eventually discovered Hellboy that unpleasant memories of the past.

And the title ‘The Crooked Man’ is an arms dealer. In the war constantly provide weapons to the warring parties.

As a result of making a deal with the devil, he gained immortality. And eventually became a huge villain, creating a lot of trouble for Hellboy.

Previously, director Guillermo del Toro wanted to follow up 2004’s ‘Hellboy’ and 2008’s ‘Hellboy 2: The Golden Army’ (‘Hellboy 2: The Golden Army ‘), and the original “Hellboy” Ron Perlman re-release the third film in the ‘Hellboy’ series, but in the end because of budgetary problems and can not be.

But soon after the series’ producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin began to plan a reboot of the project.

The first of ‘Hellboy’s’ two previous films was distributed by Columbia Pictures, while the second was co-distributed by Relativity Media and Universal Pictures.

The third installment in 2019, also known as the reboot ‘Hellboy’, was taken over by Lionsgate.

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