HBO’s space sci-fi drama ‘Demimonde’ by Jeffrey Jacob Abrams may face a shutdown


Jeffrey Jacob Abrams’ HBO space sci-fi drama “Demimonde” may face a shutdown, and Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is unhappy with his Bad Robot production company’s lack of output in recent years.

HBO's space sci-fi drama 'Demimonde' by Jeffrey Jacob Abrams may face a shutdown

Abrams signed a huge cooperation agreement worth 250 million US dollars with Warner in 1919, and will create a number of new works. “Demimonde” began to develop in 2018. It is the first drama he has served as a screenwriter since “Fringe” in 2008, and it has not yet been released. .

The cost is already well over $200 million, according to people familiar with the matter, more than the “House of the Dragon” prequel to HBO’s upcoming “Game of Thrones”.

The final fate of “Demimonde” is expected to be decided later this week.

Starring Danielle Deadwyler (“Station Eleven‎”), the show revolves around a family.

A female scientist and her husband and young daughter are involved in a serious car accident. The mother remains in a coma. The daughter comes to her mother’s underground laboratory, but is transported to another world to fight against a huge and oppressive force. Then the father also came through.

The cooperation between Bad Robot and Warner is currently unaffected, and the two sides are also developing “Batman” animated series, “Madame X”, “Constantine” and other projects.

However, “just digging a pit to stock up without seeing the real thing” also disappointed Warner, triggering a greater discussion of the agreement’s expectations for the newly merged company Warner Bros. Discovery.

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