‘Halloween Ends’ filming ends, ‘killer’ horror film returns


A few days ago, the highly anticipated “Halloween Ends” announced the news of the finalization. The entire crew shared this important moment together. At this time, it has been more than 5 years since the film project was established.

'Halloween Ends' filming ends, 'killer' horror film returns

Judging from the previously exposed materials, in “Halloween Ends”, the heroine decided to take up arms and fight for her life. Unlike the panic-stricken her back then, this time she was well prepared.

In 1978, John Carpenter’s “Halloween” was released, which was the most representative “killer” horror movie at that time. After that, a series of follow-up works appeared and have continued to this day.

According to the plan, the release date of “Halloween Ends” is set for October 14.

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