George R.R. Martin confirms Jon Snow spin-off TV series in development, Emilia Clarke denies involvement it


Last week the media reported that HBO will develop  ‘Game of Thrones’  Jon Snow’s derivative drama,  Kit Harington returns to star as Snow.

Recently the original author George Raymond Richard Martin confirmed in the blog, Jon Snow episode work named ‘SNOW’, is the actor Kit Harington himself proposed the idea of this spin-off series.


George R.R. Martin revealed that the cast is now partially in place, “I can’t tell you the names of the writers and producers because they haven’t been confirmed by HBO. But Kit Harington brought his own team to work on it, and they’re all great.”

In addition to ‘House of the Dragon’, which will begin airing on August 21, ‘Game of Thrones’ currently has seven spin-offs and three pre-drive productions in the pipeline, Martin said, adding that ‘SNOW’ is in the works before these announced episodes.

At the end of the eighth season, Snow came to live in the wild tribes beyond the Wall, some fans speculated that Daenerys Targaryen may be resurrected, but Emilia Clarke denied it in an earlier media interview, saying, “I’m not involved, Daenerys Targaryen’s story is over. “


Martin revealed that Kit Harington’s team also visited Martin’s home in Santa Fe, and the two sides discussed the script and story direction.

However, Martin also reminds in the article that the TV industry has certain production processes and rules.

HBO has not yet given the green light for a Joan Snow episode, and even if the green light is given for a navigation episode, it may be shelved if the response is average.

2019 ‘Game of Thrones: The Long Night’ navigation episode filming spent ten million dollars, the story is set in the ‘Game of Thrones’ 5000 years ago the show shot after the navigation episode, HBO executives are quite dissatisfied, directly cut.

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