Ethan Hawke: “Boyhood” is “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset”, “Before Midnight” prequel


Recently, actor Ethan Hawke won the Chairman’s Award from Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

In an interview with the media, he revealed that he would collaborate with Richard Linklater on a film about the “Transcendentalism” movement.

In addition, he also made it clear that “Boyhood” is the prequel of “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset”, and “Before Midnight”.

Ethan Hawke: "Boyhood" is "Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset", "Before Midnight" prequel

“Transcendentalism” is a literary and philosophical movement in the United States that emerged in New England in the 1830s. Its leader was an American thinker and poet v.

Important members include American writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau and so on.

Transcendentalism emphasizes the direct communication between man and God and the divinity in human nature, has a strong critical spirit, and the social goal is to build a morally complete utopian ideal society.

Ethan Hawke: "Boyhood" is "Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset", "Before Midnight" prequel

Ethan Hawke said: “They are the first people to propose abolitionism, they are fighting for women’s rights. Linklater thinks that these people’s ideas now look so pioneering, so they think it will be a cool movie.”

Ethan Hawke has collaborated on films such as “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset”, “Before Midnight” trilogy and “Boyhood”.

Ethan Hawke joked that the “Before Trilogy” series should be the lowest grossing trilogy ever.

Ethan Hawke: "Boyhood" is "Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset", "Before Midnight" prequel

Ethan Hawke believes that the reason why these movies are recognized by fans is that real life is charming enough and does not need to be exaggerated.

And the performances of women in these films are very good, because the director Linklater has enough respect for them.

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