Ethan Coen will direct the new film alone


After Joel Coen just finished “The Tragedy of Macbeth‎”, Ethan Coen will also direct the new film alone – a lesbian road movie, and write and produce with his wife Tricia Cooke, Focus Pictures and Working Title for the production company.

Ethan Coen will direct the new film alone

The film currently does not have a title. In fact, Ethan and Cooke wrote the first version of the script more than ten years ago. ) style action/sex/comedy.

At the time, the film was planned to be directed by Allison Anders, with Ethan only serving as a producer, but now it appears he has decided to make it himself.

The story follows a party girl and her conservative friend who embark on a journey from Philadelphia to Miami. In addition to bar-hopping, she encounters hatbox heads, mean ex-girlfriends, mysterious suitcases, and evil senators.

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