“Emergency Declaration” exposure Official Trailer


For the first time, the official trailer for the new empty puzzle film “Emergency Declaration” starring Kang-Ho Song and Lee Byung hun has been exposed.

The film is directed by Han Jae-Rim and has been shortlisted for the 74th Cannes Film Festival non-competitive screening section.

“Emergency Declaration” is an aviation term that refers to an unconditional landing declaration issued by the captain of an aircraft in the face of a disaster situation when normal flight cannot be achieved.

“Emergency Declaration” revolves around an airplane that has announced an emergency landing, and it is also the largest production of a Korean movie this year.

 "Emergency Declaration" exposure Official Trailer

This is an aviation disaster-themed movie. It tells the story of the unconditional announcement of an emergency landing order after the captain judged that the aircraft could not operate normally when the aircraft was faced with a rare disaster in history.

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Actor Kang‑Ho Song will play the role of a criminal policeman in pursuit of an aviation disaster in the film.

 "Emergency Declaration" exposure Official Trailer

The actor Lee Byung hun will play the role of a passenger who has a phobia of planes but flies for his daughter.

Do-yeon Jeon will be transformed into a female chief who fights against emergencies in the movie, and Kim Nam-gil will play the role of the deputy captain.

 "Emergency Declaration" exposure Official Trailer

Yim Si Wan will play the passenger who boarded the plane alone, and Kim So-Jin will play the flight attendant on the plane.

And Park Hae Joon plays the role of the head of the Blue House Crisis Management Center who is working hard to resolve an unprecedented emergency.

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