Eight Oscars awards are not live, sparking outcry


Deadline reports: Because of the change that “the eight awards will not be broadcast live” at this year’s Oscars ceremony, groups of related film practitioners are mulling plans.

Including at awards ceremonies, attendees and nominees may have their union badges upside down, and winners may hold their trophies upside down as a protest against the change.

Eight Oscars awards are not live, sparking outcry

In order to increase the entertainment and reduce the length of the awards ceremony, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organizer of the Oscars, announced not long ago that the awards for 8 of the 23 awards this year will not be broadcast live, but will start live at the ceremony. A pre-recording will be made at the awards site within an hour before.

The award-winning video clips are then inserted into the livestream – Best Documentary Short, Editing, Makeup/Hair, Original Music, Art Direction, Animated Short, Live Action Short, Sound Effects.

The Academy promises that all awards will be presented in the presence of the audience at the ceremony, and the presentation camera will be reflected in the ceremony.

One of the eight awards that were “not live” included the sound effect award, and Karol Urban, president of the Cinema Audio Society, which represents sound mixers, confirmed they were working on protest plans, saying: “There are a lot of People are working on solutions to keep their voices from getting stuck. With the Oscars approaching, more and more techies are showing solidarity. If this year’s very bad situation spawns a What’s good is that as the date draws nearer, we are more and more united.”

The source said: It was some sound technicians who started the plan and put it into action. And the idea being circulated by those involved in the scheme is that nominees for one or more of the eight awards (since many nominees are members of the relevant unions or associations, so this can be negotiated in advance) will Their academy or union badges and tie pins are pinned upside down, and in some cases, the current winners may take the Oscars upside down as they take the stage to accept their awards.

The source said it was not an organized plan, but word of mouth. “People are talking about putting the academy pin upside down, or if you get an award, holding the trophy upside down. Some will definitely be implemented, some Some will not. This kind of word is spreading, and there is already some popularity.” And revealed that such ideas have spread to other award-related workers who were stuck in the live broadcast, because most of the practitioners in these types of jobs joined relevant industry associations, so it is of course possible for these personnel to show some solidarity at that time.

Those involved believe that such a plan is a protest against the Oscars’ discriminatory treatment and “coldness” of certain film jobs.

He was asked: If the pre-recorded awards screen will still be inserted into the live broadcast of the ceremony, why is it still “differentiated”? Karol Urban said: “Because we all know that (the awards presentation and acceptance screen) will be cut and adjusted (in the live broadcast). The eight awards that were ‘not broadcast’ included the best editing, while the We all know how much impact editing can have on a movie. Such actions reduce the voice of practitioners in the relevant category, and (pre-recording means that the audience may not be fully present, not everyone will come early) can not be in all colleagues It’s sad that we can’t hear the support and applause from the entire group, equal parts of the filmmakers, when the award is broadcast live in front of the audience.”

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