“Dune” will have more than one hour IMAX special frame


The Hollywood science fiction giant “Dune” will be screened in over 720 IMAX theaters in China on October 22.

IMAX today released a special behind-the-scenes film. Director Denis Villeneuve and his cast revealed the secrets of IMAX audiovisual highlights.

“Dune” specially shot by IMAX will have more than one hour of scenes to present up to 26% of the screen content to the audience in a special frame.

"Dune" will have more than one hour IMAX special frame

In the special episode, the major casts agreed that “Dune” is not only an unparalleled audio-visual feast, but also a screen giant that fits the IMAX experience.

To the director Denis Villeneuve, who has swept the world with “Blade Runner 2049”, “Arrival” and other sci-fi “magic works”, it is a long-term dream to bring the classic “Dune” to the screen.

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And “Dune”, a work devoted to all his efforts, “was created for the IMAX big screen from the beginning.”

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