DC New Animated Drama ‘Batwheels!‎’ Releases New Trailer ‘Meet Batman!’


DC’s new animated series “Batwheels!‎” featuring the Batmobile and other Gotham superhero vehicles has released a new trailer for “Introducing Batman” to experience Batman, voiced by Ethan Hawke, chasing the Joker.

This is a preschool animation, the story focuses on the “Batmobile” and some of the most heroic and iconic vehicles of the Bat family in the DC universe, they can sense, have superpowers and form a team to fight crime.

Leading the pack is Batmobile Bam, whose members include Batgirl’s car Bibi, Red the red bird locomotive, Jett the bat plane, and Buff the bat van.

These sin fighters will work together with Batman, Robin, Batgirl and other DC heroes to fight evil and clean up the streets of Gotham City.

But they are essentially just created by the bat computer, and are children who lack life experience at heart, and have to go through the “growing pains” of just forming a team.

‘Batwheels!’ will teach children by their stories the values of self-confidence, friendship and teamwork.

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