Chris Rock refuses to host next Oscars


The Arizona Republic’ reports: Chris Rock told the audience at Phoenix’s Sunday night show last weekend that he was asked to host the next Oscars, and he turned it down.

Chris Rock refuses to host next Oscars | FMV6

Chris Rock, who was slapped by Will Smith at this year’s Oscars, used the O.J. Simpson murder case as a reference, comparing going back to the Oscars to “going back to the scene of the crime”. The death of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole began when she left a pair of glasses at an Italian restaurant, and Chris Rock said that getting him to the Oscars again “would be like asking Nicole to go back to that restaurant”.

During the show, Chris Rock talked about how a person can become famous for being a victim, and an audience member shouted, “Talk about that in detail.” Referring to the fact that he was slapped by Smith (Chris Rock also mentioned that after this incident, he was asked by a company to appear in a Super Bowl commercial, which he also turned down), Chris Rock laughed and said that he and Smith are different weight classes (referring to Smith’s appearance as Muhammad Ali): “He’s bigger than me, and the state of Nevada wouldn’t even sanction a fight between me and him for a fight.”

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