Boxing movie “Creed III‎” reveals poster, Michael Bakari Jordan is ready to go


Recently, the boxing film “Creed III‎” has once again exposed a new poster. On the poster, the film’s star and director, Michael Bakari Jordan, is staring resolutely ahead with his arms around his chest. The muscles on his body are eye-catching and the visual effects are very eye-catching.

“Creed‎” itself is a set of rumored films, born out of “Rocky” under Stallone’s name, telling the story of the struggle and life of a black boxer.

Boxing movie "Creed III‎" reveals poster, Michael Bakari Jordan is ready to go

In the last episode, Creed went through new trials, competition and life, training and family, that required Creed to make a choice.

The screenplay for the film was written by Zach Baylin, the screenwriter for “King Richard”. He was nominated for an Oscar for “King Richard”.

The film is Michael Bakari Jordan’s directorial debut. For Jordan, getting the opportunity to direct “Creed III‎” is a matter of course. After all, this young black actor has already shown his excellent comprehensive strength in many films.

Some media even believe that he will be the next Denzel Washington. And this time he’s directing “Creed III‎”, which will also cement its place in Hollywood.

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