“Back in Action”: Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx to star in the Netflix action comedy


Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx will star in the Netflix action comedy ‘Back in Action,’ Diaz’s first film since ‘Annie’ in 2014.

"Back in Action": Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx to star in the Netflix action comedy  | FMV6

‘Back in Action’ is directed by Seth Gordon (‘Horrible Bosses’ ‘Parks and Recreation’) and written with Brendan O’Brien (‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising ‘) wrote the script together, the plot is confidential, shooting later this year.

The once great Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz has made a comeback, with this being Diaz’s first starring role since ‘Annie’ in 2014.

To persuade the 50-year-old Diaz to make a comeback, Jamie Foxx even asked football star Tom Brady to call her (Brady is a model for comebacks in professional sports, having made a comeback shortly after announcing his retirement).

Brady told Diaz on the phone, “I talked to Jamie and he said you need some advice on how to make a comeback, and I’ve been relatively successful at that.”

In a 2020 ‘Vanity Fair’ article, Diaz explained to Gwyneth Paltrow why she chose to leave Hollywood, citing long hours on set and her “need to repair” personal relationships.

“When you’re in front of the media as an actor and you’re putting yourself out there, there’s always a lot of energy coming at you. I’m sensitive to some of that energy and not to others, and too much attention from others can sometimes be too much for me. I stopped and took a closer look at my life and saw some of the things I missed.”

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