Another super movie in 2021! Netflix brings together three superheroes


Dawn Johnson exposed the stills of his new work “Red Notice” with a text saying that someone was going to steal this “rare and priceless work of art” under his nose-Cleopatra’s stinger.

This new film also has two other starring roles, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Ryan Reynolds is the spokesperson of “Deadpool”;

And Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman image has also won recognition, and the sequel “Wonder Woman1984” is waiting to be released;

Dawn Johnson confirmed that he will play the role of “Black Adam” in the DC Universe and will soon become a superhero.

Three people gathered together, what are they going to do?

At the beginning of 2018, film companies such as Legend, Xinxian, Paramount, Sony, and Universal launched a fierce bidding war with the goal of buying the distribution rights of “Red Notice”.

The reason for attracting so many companies to bid is very simple, that is, Dawn Johnson confirmed the starring, and his movies at that time basically made money.

In the end, Universal Pictures, the sponsor of “Fast & Furious”, won and it is set for June 12, 2020.

Unexpectedly, a Cheng Yaojin was killed midway.

No, it’s Netflix.

In the summer of 2019, Netflix bought the copyright from Universal, with an estimated investment of 125 million to 150 million U.S. dollars, and Universal’s original schedule was cancelled.

At that time, “The Irishman” hadn’t overspend, and such a high budget broke Netflix’s record.

Speaking of which, Netflix is ​​proud enough. In 2017, it invested $90 million in Will Smith’s “Bright”, and word of mouth hit the street. Then invested more than 100 million US dollars, “Triple Frontier” starring Ben Affleck and many other male gods continued to lose, but did not admit defeat, turned around and immediately increased money to continue investing in blockbuster films.

Maybe they think that money cannot solve the problem because there is not enough money.

Netflix’s entry did not change the “Red Notice” production team, but also brought in Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot two stars to join, and Johnson formed the Big Three lineup.

Ryan Reynolds and Gail Gadot collaborated in “Criminal”, and later appeared in “Hobbs and Shaw” with Johnson, and Gail Gadot and Johnson collaborated in two “Fast & Furious” series .

The three are very familiar, but it is the first time the three teams have joined forces.

Filming started smoothly in 2020, but it met the new crown.

The crew’s shooting in Italy and other places was hindered, and Netflix had to re-search for the location, and the filming work was not finally completed until November.

Since it is filmed in many places, it is a high-investment action crime movie, undoubtedly a super blockbuster that will travel around the world like “Northwest”, “007”, and “Creed”.

The story focuses on the struggle between Interpol and high IQ thieves.

Johnson’s role is similar to that in “Fast & Furious”. He is a super agent, and Gal Gadot plays a clever and mysterious art thief.

Johnson received a new case, he wanted to investigate the top art thieves, so he has a relationship with Gadot’s role.

It is said that the film scene not only covers many places around the world, but also has elements of action, comedy, robbery and thriller.

“Our goal is to break traditional barriers and create a truly global feast for the audience.” Johnson described “Red Notice” in an earlier interview.

The Red Wanted Order is one of the international notices issued by members of the Interpol Organization to request other countries to assist in the investigation of crimes. It is named after the Interpol badge in the upper left corner of the notice is red, and is the highest level of emergency fast wanted.

This wanted order will be for Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds’s role is “the world’s most powerful liar.” It is unknown whether he will help Gadot avoid hunting, or is it like “Hobbs and Shaw”. Johnson’s helper.

“Red Notice” was written and directed by “Skyscraper” director Rosen Marshall Thurber. There is no box office pressure this time. I wonder if he will come up with better quality?

The film is expected to be launched on the Netflix streaming platform in 2021.

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