Woody Allen revealed that he is considering retirement, perhaps after his next movie

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Woody Allen revealed in a new interview with Alec Baldwin’s ins live link that he is thinking about retiring and ending his directing career. This may happen after his next new film, which is his 50th directorial film.

He revealed that the film will be shot in Paris this year, or possibly later.


Woody Allen said the excitement of making a movie has disappeared a lot, “I’m probably going to make at least one more movie, and that excitement has disappeared a lot. I used to make a movie and it would be in theaters nationwide, and now you get a few weeks in theaters, maybe four or six weeks, and then it’s on streaming or TV on demand. It’s not the same, it’s less fun for me. …… Now that I’m making movies and releasing new movies, I don’t feel the same joy as I used to. It used to feel good to know that 500 people were watching my movie together, and now I don’t know how I feel about making a movie, and I’ll make another one and see how it feels.”

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