Waldron believes that “Captain America” has potential

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Waldron believes that “Captain America” has potential, and the communication between Anthony Mackie and Feige is very smooth

Scarlett Johansson’s contract termination with Disney is not over yet, and Russo Brothers, the director of “Avengers”, also withdrew from the Marvel team.

Many movie fans worry that Disney faces the problem of lack of actors and filmmakers.

Fortunately, some big-name actors are willing to continue to appear in Marvel universe movies, and Anthony Mackie confirmed that he will become the star of Captain America 4.

If the Marvel team creates a sequel to “Falcon and the Winter Soldier“, Anthony Mackie will also participate in these Marvel superhero series.

Waldron believes that "Captain America" has potential

Loki” screenwriter Michael Waldron said: “I think “Captain America” ​​has potential. This is the reason why the Marvel team can create the fourth series after the trilogy of the series is over.”

The screenwriter also revealed an important news-the communication between Anthony Mackie and Feige went smoothly, and Kevin Feige has retained many big-name actors for Disney.

Since Evans did not renew his contract with the MCU working group, many Disney filmmakers have said that “Captain America” ​​is a trilogy model.

Before “Captain America 4” was released, many fans thought that the “Captain America” ​​series had come to an end.

Waldron believes that "Captain America" has potential

This series is the same as “Avengers”, it is difficult to have a sequel.

Fortunately, Disney has given fans a surprise, and the fourth part of “Captain America” ​​is about to start filming.

Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson co-wrote the script, and Waldron will also be the producer of “Captain America 4“.

Waldron believes that “Captain America” ​​has potential. This potential has not been manifested at the end of the trilogy, but was inspired by “Falcon and the Winter Soldier“. This is the unexpected joy of Marvel’s fourth phase plan.

Anthony Mackie’s performance played a big role-he brought the role of Sam Wilson from the small screen to the big screen.

Waldron revealed that the creation lineup for the fourth season of “Captain America” ​​is very luxurious.

Since the theater is currently closed, will “Captain America 4” cancel the theater part?

Waldron believes that "Captain America" has potential

If Feige does not plan to put this series in theaters, the investment of the Marvel team will be much smaller. After all, the main point of cosmic movies burning money is the special effects of the screen.

When this work loses its chance to be shown on the big screen, Disney doesn’t have to spend wrong money.

Waldron confirmed that “Captain America 4” will not cancel the theater part, and the Marvel team is still working on the cast and creative lineup.

The series can start shooting in 2022 is already very good, plus post-production and publicity takes time, not to mention the Marvel Phase 4 project is full of works.

So regarding the release date of the fourth part of “Captain America“, fans have to wait until 2024 at least.

Now that the fourth season of “Captain America” ​​has appeared, is there any hope for “Avengers 5” to appear?

Waldron believes that "Captain America" has potential

Russo Brothers ended its contract with Disney, but from the example of “Captain America“, as long as Marvel has a series or movie that shows the potential of “Avengers“, the series may still shoot fifth. season.

I personally believe that “Eternals” has the potential to keep ” Avengers ” alive.

If “Avengers” enters the filming process next year, this is a normal thing.

Therefore, Waldron believes that “ Captain America ” has potential, and this is the inertia of the Marvel superhero series.

Kevin Feige’s strategy of stimulating the potential of old films through new films has rejuvenated many classic MCU series, and Disney can continue to make money from these hot series.

The communication between Anthony Mackie and Feige went smoothly. This situation is reflected in the fact that the Mane team has handed over the shield of Captain America to Anthony Mackie.

Does “Captain America” ​​have the potential? After Evans’s contract with Disney ends, who is the shield to be given to?

If the US team holding the shield meets the tastes of the audience, this series will have the potential to continue shooting.

Waldron believes that "Captain America" has potential

Before “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” appeared, everyone assumed that the trilogy had become the final work of the series.

But after the appearance of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier“, Sam Wilson is the new captain candidate in the hearts of movie fans.

His actor, Anthony Mackie, is naturally suitable to take over the shield, and “Captain America 4” will have the motivation and foundation for filming.

Some people think that the new series is better named “Captain America: The Winter Soldier“. Waldron believes that this way of naming may make Marvel’s works in several stages “fight”.

Considering that Kevin Feige is the producer of most of the MCU film and television series, he needs to arrange the connection between each work more properly.

Moreover, in the streaming media era, the ratings of new films have fluctuated greatly after they were released.

At this stage, no one can guarantee that “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” or “The Marvels” will get a good box office.

This is also the focus of the communication between Anthony Mackie and Fitch. Both parties need to choose a more reasonable creative idea based on the changes in Marvel’s work to reflect the potential of Captain America.

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