Tom Holland: “Are those rumors true?”

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“Venom 2” starring Tom Hardy (playing as Venom) and Woody Harrelson (playing as Carnage) was officially released in North America on October 1.

Everyone is very concerned about Venom and Carnage’s super chaos.

Tom Holland: "Are those rumors true?"

I kind of care about whether there are other core characters in this movie, such as Spider-Man walking between Sony and Marvel, or…Sony Morbius.

Tom Holland: "Are those rumors true?"

According to fans who watched “Venom 2” in advance, the ending eggs are very hot, which is full of expectations.

Before the release of “Venom 2”, Jared Leto, who will play Morbius in Morbius, promotes the film.

Tom Holland: "Are those rumors true?"

After “Venom 2” was released, Tom Holland also posted on social media to promote the film.

Finally, I asked “Are those rumors true?” Is it true that you have not counted it?

Tom Holland: "Are those rumors true?"

As for the specific rumors, I don’t know or don’t want to know. I didn’t want to be spoiled because I didn’t see the movie anyway!

If you still remember the scene of “Venom”…

That is, the scores given by film critics are not high, but the audience reputation of “Venom” is quite good.

Otherwise, “Venom” will not win the global box office of more than 800 million U.S. dollars in the end.

Tom Holland: "Are those rumors true?"

Now coming to “Venom 2”, this kind of film review is not very optimistic, but the good reputation of the audience continues.

Although the freshness of Rotten Tomatoes in “Venom 2” is only 59%, the popcorn index is as high as 86%.

Tom Holland: "Are those rumors true?"

It is mentioned in some spoiler-free film reviews that if you like “Venom 1”, you will definitely like “Venom 2”.

The stupidity and hilariousness in “Venom 2” are doubled, and the visual effects are better, especially the scene where Venom fights Carnage.

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