“The Sinister Six” movie follow-up will be launched?

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As the classic villain setting of Spider-Man, the IP “The Sinister Six” also has quite a few story points in the original work.

According to the progress of the Spider-Man movie, the members of the original six-member group have basically been online.

"The Sinister Six" movie follow-up will be launched?

And some characters, such as Mysterio, are already offline.

Therefore, for this villain group, new members may join in the follow-up, such as “Kraven the Hunter” previously announced by Sony Pictures.

"The Sinister Six" movie follow-up will be launched?

At the same time, for this IP, there is currently news that Marvel and Sony Pictures are also planning to cooperate in the production of “The Sinister Six” movie, and will launch new characters such as “Scorpion” in it. The villains such as “Vulture” that came online.

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