The live-action version of “Pinocchio” starring Tom Hanks is here! Netizens: Black fairy are scary

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On May 31, Disney’s live-action film “Pinocchio” released a preview trailer. The film starred Tom Hanks as Geppetto, the “father” of the little puppet Pinocchio, and was directed by Robert Zemeckis, the director of “Forrest Gump”.

The 65-year-old Tom Hanks put on gray curly hair and a simple carpenter’s clothes, dressed like an old carpenter who came out of an animation, with an old-fashioned wooden house behind him.


The old carpenter stared at the little puppet he built. The little puppet restored the appearance of the animated version, and the DNA of childhood was ruthlessly moved.

The film is adapted from the classic Italian fairy tale novel, from the 1940 animated version into a live-action version. The story mainly tells that Geppetto, an old carpenter who is alone, makes a puppet boy Pinocchio by himself.


One day, Blue Fairy came and gave the puppet a human consciousness, he could talk and move like a normal human boy. A series of stories have happened since then.

As soon as the stills came out, everyone felt that the degree of restoration was super high, just like the pictures seen in the original comic strip. The fatherly kindness of Tom Hanks is also very warm.

However, the pilot notice of less than 30 seconds released today is full of controversy, and only a few pictures were disclosed, which made netizens complain again and again.

Especially the black fairy in the trailer, with dark skin and bald head… The dress does not feel like a fairy at all. It is too different from the Blue Fairy in everyone’s impression, and the casting is incomprehensible.

“Black fairies are monsters, right?” “There are so many black beauties, why is it like this, or bareheaded…”, “I may faint from fright when I see such fairies in the middle of the night”…

After the black mermaid and the black white snow , Disney created the black fairy.


The 30-second trailer featured Geppetto, an old carpenter played by Tom Hanks.

Another demystified was the beautiful, kind and intelligent “Blue Fairy” in the original animation, with British actress Cynthia Erivo appearing bald, wearing a sparkling blue dress with the “Blue Fairy” logo, waving with a fairy stick.


Erivo, 35, starred in the biopic “Harriet‎” and was nominated for the Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Actress. She once won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her musical “The Color Purple‎”. Awards and the Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Musical Performance.


Erivo’s parents are of Nigerian descent. Last March, media reported that Erivo was cast as “Blue Fairy” in Disney’s live-action “Pinocchio‎,” making her the first black actress to play the role.

Now that the shape of the film is announced, netizens can’t sit still.

“I didn’t want anything from that fairy, I turned around and ran.”


“Why this fairy is bald?”


“The Blue Fairy is now a black woman ? I give up!”


A more damaging evaluation is: “Lord Voldemort got part-time job?”


In Carlo Collodi’s original book, the character is depicted as “The Fairy with Turquoise Hair”.


When it came time to make the 1940 animated film, Walt Disney proposed that “Blue Fairy” would give audiences a “cute feeling” and be a “charming girl”.

The cartoon’s “Blue Fairy” ended up wearing a sparkling blue dress, blonde hair, and a lighter skin tone.


In Disney theme parks around the world, the live-action Blue Fairy is mostly similar to the 1940 animated version.

In the American TV musical “Geppetto”, which was produced in 2000 and adapted from “Pinocchio”, American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ “Blue Fairy” has also become a classic image on the screen.

The live-action version of Pinocchio starring Tom Hanks is here! Netizens: Black fairy are scary

In order to avoid racial discrimination, Disney uses more races to interpret the works in the live-action works, but sometimes the gap is too large from the original work, and there is constant controversy.

Are you looking forward to this live-action version of “Pinocchio”?

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