‘Samaritan‎’: 70-something Sylvester Stallone’s first superhero movie

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Sylvester Stallone’s latest film ‘Samaritan‎’ features the world-renowned action film legend in a superhero role.

Undoubtedly known around the world, Stallone has appeared in some classic action films such as the ‘First Blood’ series, the ‘Rocky’ series of films, the ‘The Expendables’ series of films, and the ‘Escape Plan’ series of films. He has also starred in many memorable independent films such as ‘The Specialist’, ‘Cliffhanger’ and ‘Shade’.

In recent years, Stallone has played roles in the films ‘Creed II’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ and ‘The Expendables 4’, and he has never left his beloved film He has never left his beloved film career. His dynamic performances have made him a globally known actor for many generations.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

Stallone’s long history of acting in action films is proof enough that he is capable of playing a superhero role. But it took so long for Stallone to get a superhero role, which is somewhat unbelievable.

Of course, it wasn’t until the early 21st century that superhero movies became the box office giants they are today. But no matter what, better late than never, Stallone fans have reason to look forward to seeing one of their favorite actors finally put on a superhero uniform.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

The film, based on the comic graphic novel created by Bragi F. Schut, Renzo Podesta and Marc Oliventet, will follow the same storyline.

A city, 20 years after the disappearance of its greatest protector, the superhero Samaritan, plays out the tragedy that occurs after the disappearance of a superhero. Crime has reoccupied the city and the citizens live in fear.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

As a new threat begins to emerge, a young boy named Sam Cleary begins to search for the vanished superhero, who was previously believed to have died after an epic battle with his rival Nemesis.

In the course of his search, Sam begins to suspect that his introverted neighbor, Mr. Joe Smith, is not what he appears to be on his ordinary exterior.

Although almost everyone believed this man was an ordinary sanitation worker, Sam saw hope in his dark world, and the wide-eyed boy wouldn’t give up on him.

Sam tries to pull the once cherished hero back into the fray, but he may find, to his dismay, that the days of the superhero Samaritan hoeing the strong and deterring criminals may be over forever.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

Some clips and trailers released from the movie ‘Samaritan’ show that this action film and massacre scenes are compared to the movie of John Wick (‘John Wick’ protagonist).

Stallone is a low-profile sanitation worker, and when the city’s crisis is shown, it clearly shows that the city’s crisis has worsened over the years as the superhero has remained in anonymity. It also shows that the super Samaritan who saved the city has died nearly twenty years ago.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

The trailer depicts the debate between the young boy Sam and Stallone’s Samaritan about superhero retirement.

Samaritan’s superhuman strength is also clearly portrayed in the scene where Stallone’s body is twisted and rebuilt after being hit by a car, as well as in some other action shots.

The story ends with Samaritan battling villains in a warehouse, where he bursts out of a crushed car and engages multiple enemies alone without armor protection.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

However, this superhero movie may be different from the usual movies, and other movies that Stallone’s fans are used to watching.

A set of photos posted online by Stallone clearly shows that his character, Samaritan, is no longer the young killing machine he used to be.

This could put Samaritan in a very unique position and give it a different perspective, which could be refreshing to viewers.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

The film’s main characters include action star Sylvester Stallone as down-and-out superhero sanitation worker Joe Smith, and young boxing prodigy Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton (in ‘The Addams Family 2‎’) as young boy Sam Cleary. There are Pilou Asbæk (in ‘Game of Thrones’) as the villain Cyrus, Martin Starr (in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’) as Albert Casier, and more.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6
'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

Julius Avery, the Australian writer and director of ‘Samaritan’, praised Stallone’s performance and talent. Stallone is in his 70s, but his performance is still very creative and most young actors in their 20s can’t do what he did in that film.

Although ‘Samaritan’ finished filming in 2020, the film’s release has been repeatedly delayed, in part because of the epidemic.

Ultimately the film is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime on August 26, 2022, action superstar Stallone’s first superhero movie to look forward to.

'Samaritan‎': 70-something Sylvester Stallone's first superhero movie | FMV6

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