Ryan Coogler reveals original ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ plot

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What would ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ have been made if Chadwick Boseman had not died and could have continued to star in Black Panther?

The film’s director, Ryan Coogler, told ‘The New York Times’ that the original plot of ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ was “completely different” than the film today: ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ would have been a father-son story, corresponding to ‘Black Panther 1’. But while the first film was from the son’s point of view (T’Challa and his father T’Chaka, and his cousin N’Jadaka and father N’Jobu), the second film is about T’Challa becoming a father himself.

Ryan Coogler reveals original 'Black Panther : Wakanda Forever' plot | FMV6

In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, T’Challa is turned into ashes by Thanos’ snapping finger, while ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ was planned to tell the story of his disappearance for five years, beginning with an animation (similar to the beginning of the first film where N’Jobu gives N’ Jadaka to tell the story).

Nakia says to her son Toussaint: Tell me about your father, what do you know about him? The audience will realize that Toussaint does not know that his father is Black Panther, that he has never met his father, and that Nakia has by now remarried a Haitian man.

Then back to reality, the night everyone returned from the time of the “snapping of fingers”, T’Challa saw her son for the first time.

And then three years later, T’Challa and Nakia are co-parenting, says Coogler: “Here we originally had some pretty crazy scenes for Chad.

“The working title of ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ is called ‘Summer Vacation’ because the original main plot was about a young child spending a summer with his father: Toussaint was eight years old that year, and he had to go through a traditional ritual of going into the jungle with his father to survive and spend some time together.

Ryan Coogler reveals original 'Black Panther : Wakanda Forever' plot | FMV6

But suddenly a crisis occurs and T’Challa has to go save the world with Toussaint in tow.

‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ has …… plot points in the finished product, but you can also see from this role that it is indeed a very different story from the original plan.

The first version of ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ script reached 300 pages, and it is said that when Coogler sent the script to Boseman to read, it was laughed at by Boseman because it was too long.

Ryan Coogler reveals original 'Black Panther : Wakanda Forever' plot | FMV6

But some time later, Coogler learned that although Boseman’s tone was relaxed, he hadn’t finished reading the script by the end because he was too sick and tired to read anything.

Boseman was extremely secretive about his health and his death and the birth of ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ left a lot of questions and “what if ……”.

Ryan Coogler reveals original 'Black Panther : Wakanda Forever' plot | FMV6

But in our reality, ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ has been launched, with the only, definite and completely different look now, many questions and assumptions no longer have and do not need answers, the hollowness left by the deceased that can be felt both in the film and outside the scene, perhaps only time can erase.

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