Rihanna’s boyfriend ASAP Rocky arrested

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Rapper ASAP Rocky was arrested. He and his girlfriend Rihanna recently flew from the woman’s hometown of Barbados to Los Angeles on a private plane. They were detained by the police at the Los Angeles airport. The LAPD announced that Rocky is now under investigation.

The reason is that he allegedly shot a man in Los Angeles last November.

Rihanna's boyfriend ASAP Rocky arrested

The two sides allegedly quarreled at the time. According to the anonymous attacker’s description to the police: the suspect (the police have identified as Rocky) and two other men approached him, and the suspect fired four shots at him, one of which was bruised. his left arm.

Rocky’s attorney, Alan Jackson, confirmed to NBC News that his arrest was assisted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Department of Homeland Security Investigations.

Rocky was released on bail hours later, which TMZ said was set at $550,000.

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