“Pachinko” was criticized for distorting history, Korean audience: it is like an American drama in a Korean coat

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“An American drama in a Korean garb.” While the drama “Pachinko”, which was recently launched on Apple’s streaming platform, was on the air, it also caused controversy because of its theme of “anti-Japanese” content.

South Korea’s SBS TV said on March 31 that “”Pachinko”” was adapted from the novel of the same name by the Korean-American writer Lee Min-jung. -The participation of Korean stars such as jeong Yoon and popular actor Min-ho Lee is attracting attention.

"Pachinko" was criticized for distorting history, Korean audience: it is like an American drama in a Korean coat

“Pachinko” tells the story of a family struggle that spanned nearly a hundred years after a North Korean family immigrated to Osaka, Japan in the early 20th century, spanning four generations in time and space.

The original book was named one of the top ten best books of 2017 by “The New York Times” and was shortlisted for the National Book Award.

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Korean media said that the scenes in the play are interspersed between South Korea, the United States and Japan, and are considered to be an “international product” of the combination of Korean-Americans and Korean actors, but Koreans always feel that they are “American dramas in Korean clothes” after watching.

"Pachinko" was criticized for distorting history, Korean audience: it is like an American drama in a Korean coat

In a sense, the play is also a Korean “anti-Japanese drama”. Some Japanese netizens characterize the play as an “anti-Japanese drama that distorts history”, and some Japanese people are concerned about the “anti-Japanese drama in Japan who have always endured discrimination” in the play. set” was angry.

Some Korean commentators said that the play is a “three-language blockbuster without heroes and actions, which may have a follow-up chain effect”.

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After “Pachinko” was launched last weekend, it received a freshness rating of 98% on the US Rotten Tomatoes film review website (film critic score), and the IMDb website scored 8.3 points (out of 10).

Korea 아주경제 said that critics called the show “movie-like” and “different from most Korean dramas”. Rolling Stone magazine commented that the tight rhythm of the novel is perfectly restored through the form of video.

Some Korean media analysis pointed out that when the main creator is basically Korean and the language of the drama is mainly Korean and Japanese, it does not affect the resonance of overseas audiences at all. “Pachinko” proves the possibility of “going overseas” for the theme of period dramas. .

On the other hand, the Korean-American star Jin Ha was caught secretly filming women, which affected the reputation of the show.

On the day of the premiere, the news of Jin Ha’s suspected verbal sexual harassment and the uploading of secret photos of middle-aged women in 2010 and 2011 came out, which shocked Korean netizens.

Jin Ha has posted an apology through social media and deleted the account that uploaded the candid photos in the past.

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