“My Brilliant Friend Season 3”: Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay, Who Can Turn Fate?

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“My Brilliant Friend Season 3” is on the air, and the plot is as exciting as ever.

The brilliance of this show is not only that it is produced by HBO, but also that the original book “Neapolitan Novels” vividly portrays the friendship and war between two women for 50 years, as well as the delicate description and deep bone marrow anatomy of Naples’ social life picture.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3": Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay, Who Can Turn Fate?

“Neapolitan Novels” is the most mysterious Italian writer Elena Ferrante (Elena Ferrante).

The four parts are “My Gifted Girlfriend” “The Story of a New Name”, “Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay”, “The Story of the Lost Child”.

Based on “Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay,” the newly-launched series focuses on Lenu and Lila’s restless, supportive but still “competitive” middle age.

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In the first two episodes, the lives, feelings and mental states of the two heroines were quickly explained.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3": Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay, Who Can Turn Fate?

Now Lila has another mental breakdown, and she needs Lenu’s support, understanding and help. It can only be Lenu.

Since childhood acquaintance, they have been each other’s strongest backing, strongest support, and strongest opponent.

They are all very smart, but Lila’s intelligence is wild, outgoing, like a rough diamond.

Lenu’s intelligence is hidden behind a well-behaved appearance, and they are each other’s talented girlfriends.

They always become each other’s backing when they are most vulnerable and need support the most. But when both of them are in the limelight, they are full of comparisons, contests and jealousy.

But as long as they have each other, the path of growth and life will not be lonely.

In the second episode, when Lila said, “I know all the news about you, I saw you in the paper. You look so energetic, and I know you’re getting married, he’s a professor, awesome!”

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3": Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay, Who Can Turn Fate?

When she said these words, Lila’s face was haggard and sweat dripped from her face, but her expression was calm and joyful.

She is really happy for her best friend and proud to have such a great friend.

Just seeing the radiant lenu and the weak bedridden Lila, as an audience, it is inevitable to feel sad.

Perhaps, the inconspicuous but indelible sadness in Lila’s eyes is the uncontrollable pain in Lila’s heart – she is being left behind by Lenu who has left.

Actress Gaia Girace who plays Lila’s performance is very precise and expressive. Her lines, expressions, movements and eyes are full of information.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3": Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay, Who Can Turn Fate?

In “Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay”, Lenu is the one who leaves.

She left not only the dirty and noisy old city, but also the oppressive and dark childhood, the humble and difficult social class, and Lila.

But whether it is lenu who left or lila who stayed, they are all very brave, and they also have their own fragility.

Lila’s bravery lies in the fact that she chooses to stay in the original shackles of fate and does her best to grow into a strong person in life.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3": Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay, Who Can Turn Fate?

Although she didn’t like it, she accepted that fate setting, and in that setting, she took the initiative to assume the role of a big parent.

Not only did she help her father and brother who repaired shoes to transform the shoe store business and make a big turn in the family’s livelihood, she also protected other friends who were oppressed by underworld forces, and even took care of them and their families.

Her passion, talent and courage have brought a raw, wild and thriving life to the dilapidated old town of Naples.

And Lila’s cowardice is that when she had the opportunity to escape the factory settings, she did not have the courage to abandon the shackles of family and blood.

Just like when she graduated from elementary school, she took the initiative to pull Lenu to see the sea, but halfway offered to return.

Lenu is different. Her bravery is that she never gave up her talent and her efforts to escape from the fate of her life.

She never slackens, she cast aside the ties of family, the shadow of childhood, and climbed to a higher social space with almost cold and ruthless strength.

Even having to deal with family, friends, and social situations that make her uncomfortable will not make her retreat.

Just like going to see the sea, Lenu, who passively inspires yearning for beautiful things, will not give up easily.

No matter in the book or in the play, Lenu is passive, but as long as she is triggered by her motivation and desire, she is the most stubborn, persistent, and determined.

As long as she has set her sights on her goals, nothing else (family, lover) can make her give up.

This is something Lila can’t do. She doesn’t like her family, her family, the old town where she lives…

But she obeyed the arrangement of fate and carried the family’s livelihood and life.

Even after escaping from her husband’s bondage and hiding in a sausage factory to work hard, she suffered another nervous breakdown after hearing that her mother stayed home, her brother became an employee, and the family returned to poverty.

If you look closely, you will feel that Lila’s bravery is Lenu’s weakness, and Lenu’s bravery is also Lila’s weakness.

They all made their own choices, and the life after the choice has its own thorns and opportunities.

Although the story of Lila and Lenu takes place in the faraway Naples, it can make many viewers and viewers feel empathy and empathize deeply.

In Naples old town, parents who quarrel for a living, beat and scold their children at every turn, neighbors who gossip and gossip when nothing happens, young people who fight for trivial matters…

They are not very different from real life. The girls who grew up in these small places and entered the city through education are not very different from Lenu’s growth trajectory, and those hometowns that can’t be forgotten and can’t go back to are Lila can’t let go shackles…

A good work presents the common social, life and emotional experience of human beings. It does not distinguish between borders and regions, and can give people a universal and deep resonance.

Both the original book “Neapolitan Novels” and the series “My Brilliant Friend” are wonderful, profound and full of life.

Judging from the plot of the first two seasons, “My Brilliant Friend” is highly consistent with the original novel.

Whether it’s character selection, story background creation, costume setting, or character and character shaping, “My Brilliant Friend Season 3” is very in line with the presentation of the original work.

So after the show started, it was a huge success just like the original book was published.

Although “My Brilliant Friend Season 3” has only aired 2 episodes, the overall plot will generally keep the same trend as the original.

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