“Ms. Marvel” star Iman Vellani had a debate with Kevin Feige about the Marvel Universe numbering!

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In countless expectations in Marvel “Ms. Marvel” is also finally online!

Compared to the previous Marvel online style of those episodes, this time “Ms. Marvel” presented a very pleasing style, and in the episode 1 set “”AvengerCon”” is to attract the attention of countless fans.


After all, now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in development for more than a decade, countless fans suddenly saw a fan gathering in “Ms. Marvel” “AvengerCon”. This directly makes countless fans look forward to whether they can also have such a “”AvengerCon”” in reality.

In response, Kevin Feige actually responded to the fans’ expectations!


Kevin Feige: “We definitely discussed this on set, shooting “Ms. Marvel” during the New Crown epidemic, so it has been a long time since a major Comic-Con, seeing this is a catharsis for us, at the same time, we were on the set next door shooting ” Spider-Man: No Way Home”, you may not believe it, is the scene of the three little spiders, many staff sneak over to attend “AvengerCon”, to hold “AvengerCon” in reality “Maybe it’s not a bad idea.”


Obviously, for Marvel to hold an “”AvengerCon”” when the conditions are right, it is entirely possible to have a proposal, and even Marvel itself has discussed similar issues on the set.

So, maybe in the near future, we will be able to really see the reality of countless fans held such a “party”.

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In addition, for this “Ms. Marvel” episode of the cast interviews, earlier media interviews for the female lead Kamala actor Iman Vellani is also a real show Iman Vellani quite interesting side.

When Iman Vellani was chosen to play the role of “Ms. Marvel”, the casting notice was actually a link forwarded by Iman Vellani’s aunt on WhatsApp.


In response, Iman Vellani’s first reaction was: “This is a scam, right?

At the same time, during the pre-production of “Ms. Marvel”, Tom Holland, who was shooting “Spider-Man: No Way Home” next door, came over to visit.

Iman Vellani and Tom Holland are also very familiar with each other, it is interesting that Tom Holland showed Iman Vellani a photo of himself and Tobey Maguire.

And at that time, “three Spider-Man together” news has not been announced, only rumors, which directly let Iman Vellani shocked, exclaimed: “I know we are in Marvel, but before the release of the film do not spoilers me ah, I do not want to know!


No coincidence! The interview also revealed that Iman Vellani had a debate with Kevin Feige about the numbering of the movie universe.

In Iman Vellani’s opinion, “the MCU is not the 616 universe, the MCU is the 199999 universe”, but apparently for Kevin Feige: what Iman Vellani says doesn’t count, he says does!

It is worth mentioning that in the interview Iman Vellani also put forward his views on the earlier Marvel movies.

For example, in “Avengers: Endgame”, Iman Vellani said that after seeing the death of Iron Man, “I felt like a part of me had died forever”.


So according to Iman Vellani’s own words, of the many Marvel movies, “Avengers: Endgame” is the only one she refuses to revisit.

Iman Vellani also had a problem with the “Black Bolt” encounter in the movie “Dr. Strange 2”, which was previously online.

“I love Sam Raimi, but I don’t like what they did to Black Bolt in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, I don’t care what people say, he’s my guy. I think they did him dirty.

It seems that “Ms. Marvel”, whose original character is an Inhumans, is still a little “upset” with Marvel’s setting of the Inhumans’ King Black Bolt “.

"Ms. Marvel" star Iman Vellani had a debate with Kevin Feige about the Marvel Universe numbering!

Interestingly, it was also revealed in the interview that Iman had tried to place a “tetanus” (Inhumans big dog) egg in the “Ms. Marvel” show.

But it seems to be unsuccessful, to which Iman Vellani said “if there is a Season 2, she will continue to work” ~

I have to say, after reading the interview transcript, I somewhat understand why so many media and critics had very high praise for Iman Vellani at the time.

This little girl is indeed very interesting~

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