Johnny Depp’s spokesman denied his return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series

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The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard has come to an end, and Depp’s career seems to be going well after winning the case.

Recently, there were rumors on the Internet that he would return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series to play Captain Jack Sparrow again, and that he would be paid no less than $301 million to join these new projects.


In a statement to NBC News, however, a representative for Depp responded to the rumors, saying, “This is a complete fabrication.”

The rumor said, “Disney is so interested in repairing its relationship with Depp that they hope Depp will forgive them and then keep coming back to play Captain Jack.”

In May of this year, is creating two new “Pirates of the Caribbean” film producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that the current script does not involve Depp, but the future is still to be decided.

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