J.K. Rowling, author of the original “Harry Potter,” was tricked by a fake zelenskyy

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A recent incident made people laugh and cry, ‘Harry Potter’ original author J.K. Rowling was cheated by the fake zelenskyy.

‘The Hollywood Reporter’ reveals the story: Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus called Rowling in an imitation of zelenskyy’s tone, and the two parties connected via Zoom video (the report doesn’t explain how they got in touch).


Somehow, Rowling really thought he was talking to zelenskyy.

In a 12-minute edited video (courtesy of the pranksters), the fake zelenskyy tells Rowling that the Russian army used the “Z” scar on Harry Potter’s forehead on tanks and other weapons.

The other person asked Rowling if she would replace Harry’s scar with a more pro-Ukrainian symbol, to which Rowling replied, “I’ll look into that and I’ll address it on social media because a newspaper will follow up on the story.”

The two pranksters also told Rowling that the Ukrainian military would start writing “Avada Kedavra” on the missiles, the killing curse from the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

Vovan and Lexus refer to Rowling’s controversial views on transgender rights while asking Rowling about Dumbledore being gay.

The two asked Dumbledore who he had slept with and said “I hope it’s not a transsexual”.


A spokesperson for Rowling found the prankster duo’s behavior disgusting, “Rowling spoke in an interview about her extensive charity work in Ukraine, supporting children and families affected by the ongoing conflict in the region, and this edited video misrepresents the conversation.”

In fact, many celebrities in Europe and the United States recently, including Elton John, Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor, singer Billie Eilish have been fooled by this pair of pranksters.

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