“Green Mothers Club”: Hell Difficulty Is A Mother’s Survival Status

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A good school can increase the price of the surrounding residential buildings, which is the existence of school district housing. And when the school’s excellence has become rare, most of the students’ mothers must have become “Amy Lynn Chua”.

“Green Mothers Club” tells the story of Eun-pyo, a mother who insists on a happy education, after moving into a house in a well-known school district, and living around a group of “Amy Lynn Chua”. You read that right, the term status quo is not an exaggeration to use here.

In Eun-pyo’s life, there are too many stressful people: husband, mother-in-law, children, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, and current girlfriends.

And, of course, that group of “Amy Lynn Chua”. As she moved into a new home, these pressures were able to gather in a short period of time, and Eun-pyo’s survival difficulty naturally became hell.

The protagonist of the story, Eun-pyo, graduated from a well-known university with a Ph.D., and his expected life trajectory should have been: teach in a school, serve as a professor a few years later, and become a successful person with considerable social status.

Eun-pyo’s husband is a policeman, but he doesn’t care about his family at all. Eun-pyo’s mobile phone number was remarked as: Outsider-like husband.

What’s exaggerated is that Eun-pyo called him during the day, but he didn’t answer. And because of the police, the community where she was before also encountered criminals blocking the door of her house.

And her mother-in-law is not simple. Her mother-in-law has a wealthy family. The new community she moved to was sold to her at a low price.

Besides, the mother-in-law doesn’t like Eun-pyo’s way of education. In her opinion, happy education means not paying attention to the education of children. Not paying attention means being incompetent.

Yin Piao’s two children were equally uneasy.

Yin Piao did not go to the school to teach because the diary she wrote complaining about her colleagues was accidentally passed on to reporters by her children.

As a result, Eun-pyo ushered in a serious social death and lost his job.

And then there’s her current bestie, a poor person who sits in front of mainstream opinions and friends.

After Eun-pyo bluntly refuted “tiger parenting” and was isolated. The best friend did not stand by Eun-pyo’s side, but turned to join the main force.

However, she was not working at this time and was just a stay-at-home mother with two children at home.

She even took the initiative to distance herself from Eun-pyo for fear of being isolated by others.

The rather bloody plot is still to come. Eun-pyo’s ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend are in the same community.

And it was the ex-boyfriend who was snatched by his ex-girlfriend. The two are now married and have a son.

The identity of the former best friend belongs to the extraordinarily high level in this group of “Amy Lynn Chua”.

Think about it, children’s after-school activities cannot escape being with this group of “Amy Lynn Chua”, and in the current situation, Eun-pyo has been isolated.

The ex-girlfriend is on guard against her, worried that her husband and her old relationship will relapse. Now my girlfriends are worried about being isolated, so they consciously or unintentionally distance themselves from each other.

Eun-pyo and the mentor apologize, and the request to go back to teach is denied.

Her husband did not help her at all, and her mother-in-law disliked her even more. What is the way out for Eun-pyo?

Similar to “Green Mothers Club”, there are some TV series that reflect educational themes, such as: “Castle in the Sky”, “Melancholia‎”.

But the two TV series focus primarily on high school, the toughest period of education. The students in the “Green Mothers Club” are still in elementary school.

Relying on this setting, the audience can not only see cruel education, but also have the energy to pay attention to the efforts of the parents behind the children.

And parents, of course, need to work hard. In 2016, a documentary “공부의 배신‎” reflecting Korean education was released.

From the content of the story, we can know that there are 8 students out of 100 who have studied high school courses since elementary school; the admission scores of students in the college entrance examination are composed of internal assessment, college entrance examination results, and interview scores.

The internal audit scores of many famous schools account for a large proportion; and the campus life records have a great impact on the interview scores.

But these, teachers in school will not teach, nor will they manage. At this time, the role of parents is highlighted.

It is good to urge children to study, or spend money to cultivate children’s various qualities and specialties. But if you don’t do it, compared with other competitors in the college entrance examination, you will be short from the starting point.

Therefore, the “tiger parenting” from childhood reflected in “Green Mothers Club” is not some unrealistic plot.

Moreover, “Green Mothers Club” is not just about the cruelty of education, just like the introduction of the play: it tells the story of friendship, motherhood, and growth among the five mothers who met in the forum with their insurmountable troubles.

"Green Mothers Club": Hell Difficulty Is A Mother's Survival Status

Therefore, the content of “Green Mothers Club” will also focus on the collision of the concepts of “tiger parenting” and happy education, and how to get along with parents who uphold different concepts.

And in the credits, all the roles are mothers. The content of the play is bound to unfold in the role of the mother, which is quite humane.

In many TV dramas, they often only focus on the role of mother and the responsibility that should be assumed.

For example, the mothers in the story have their main responsibilities: supervising their children to study, accompanying them to and from school, choosing cram schools, and preparing three meals a day.

When this decree-like duty is repeated countless times, as a mother, she herself will demand the same.

But as a natural person, the role of mother will also have a connection with all aspects of society. They have their own hobbies, friends, and jobs, and they also have self-realization needs.

How to find a balance between parenting and self-discovery. Perhaps this is what “Green Mothers Club” wants to tell about and is most commendable.

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