‘Dune 2’ has officially announced the start of filming, let’s review the ending of ‘Dune’

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‘Dune 2’ has been officially announced. Looking back at the ending of ‘Dune’, where will this story go: Paul, whose family is broken and who escaped with his mother Jessica, chooses to stay in the dunes, with Fremen, “I can see that my way is in the desert”.

'Dune 2' has officially announced the start of filming, let's review the ending of 'Dune' | FMV6

This is just the beginning,” Chani said.

“The plot description for ‘Dune 2’ has also been revealed, and will follow “the legendary journey of Paul Atreides as he reunites with Chani and Fremen: waging war against the conspirators who have destroyed his family, while facing the dilemma of choosing between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, and deciding to do his best to stop the terrible future he can see. future”.

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