Chris Hemsworth on whether to continue playing Thor: I’ll quit voluntarily before someone tells me to quit

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In a recent interview, Chris Hemsworth, 38, talked about whether he would continue to play Thor.


Chris Hemsworth said that every time there is a new “Thor” script, he always expects something new.

He understands that he will not always play the role of Thor, if one day found that the script began to be somewhat the same and repetitive, can not shoot something new, then he will voluntarily quit before people say to themselves “you have to quit”.


But this has not happened yet, and the ‘Thor’ series is also the MCU’s most sequeled independent superhero movie yet.

Chris Hemsworth said that every time there is a sequel he will look at the script, and then decide whether to continue to act.

He said, “Every time I have a sequel to star in, I want to have a different story to go through and experience, thanks to all the script writers and directors. Maybe I can’t play it all the time, but I really enjoyed playing the role, I really did.”


When Chris Hemsworth finally puts away his cape and hammer, who will replace him?

With Jane Foster in the recent trailer shows the power of harnessing the lightning, many fans speculate that Jane Foster will replace Thor and become the new Thor

Jane Foster did become the new Thor at one point in the comic books, but it is not clear how Marvel will arrange this story.

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