Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

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Netflix’s “Bridgerton Season 2‎” finally aired, and it’s still the same guilty pleasure.

The male protagonist of the first season, Rege-Jean Page, who became popular in the show, no longer appears this season.

According to the original book, each season of the show revolves around a child of the Bridgeton family, and the protagonist of the second season is Anthony, the older brother of Daphne, the heroine of the first season.

As the eldest son, Anthony will not only inherit his father’s title, but will also become the head of the family in charge of the entire family property and responsible for all his younger siblings.

Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

Therefore, Anthony is extremely cautious in choosing his future wife.

The Queen has given the title of “Diamond” this season to Edwina, the Sharma’s youngest daughter.

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Edwina’s father has long since passed away, and she lives with her mother and half-sister Kate, and her maternal grandparents have not been in touch with them because they have never been able to accept her father from India.

Kate is still single and doesn’t care if she can marry or not. She is determined to choose a suitable husband for her sister.

Anthony thought Edwina would be the perfect wife. She was beautiful, good-natured, and smart, and she was everything Anthony wanted of a mother to his children.

Kate is very dissatisfied with this. She thinks that Anthony only has paper conditions in his eyes. This kind of marriage without emotional factors will not be happy.

Anthony is also unhappy with Kate’s hostility.

In order to marry Anthony, Edwina asked him to have more contact with his sister, hoping that the relationship between the two would not be so tense.

Of course things don’t go as planned.

Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

On the other hand, Anthony’s sister, Eloise, is also married, but she has no interest in finding a husband and is more concerned about who Lady Whistledown is.

In the process of solving the puzzle, she came into contact with a world completely unfamiliar to her.

Eloise’s good friend Penelope’s family is still worried about money, and Penelope’s mother is disappointed to find that the new cousin is also penniless.

Penelope continued quietly in front of her Lady Whistledown, watching the people around her excitedly read all kinds of gossip in the aristocratic circle.

Anthony and Edwina are finally engaged, but the presence of grandparents whom Edwina has never met brings an unexpected twist.

Although the story of this play takes place in the early 19th century, and the people in the play are all dressed in ancient costumes, this play is definitely not a historical drama, it can almost be regarded as a complete overhead drama.

Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

The characters in the play are played by actors of various races, using the principle of color blind to pretend that race does not exist.

However, in the second season, the Sharma family also mentioned that his father was from India, so he was not accepted. Edwina’s grandparents even said that Edwina must marry a suitable Englishman, so that the next generation of blood would not be “contaminated”.

The story of the play revolves entirely around the courtship of these aristocratic youths, with almost nothing else.

It’s as if there’s really nothing else in this group of people’s lives.

As for civilians, that is almost non-existent.

Although the second season showed a little bit of the story of the commoners through the story of Eloise, even the “civilians” in the play are too elegant.

Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

So this is an era of overhead, it is a completely overhead created a world that does not exist.

There is ethnicity when it is needed, it does not exist when it is not needed, and there is difference between rich and poor when it is needed, but it does not exist when it is not needed.

When you accept this worldview, and then read this story, you can enjoy this completely undisguised Guilty pleasure.

The story of Anthony and Kate in the second season is actually not much innovative, it is a routine that can be seen at a glance in romance.

And the way the story unfolds is no surprise.

At the beginning, they met in a completely unusual way, and then the hostility followed, and they gradually got to know each other and fell in love with each other.

Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

But one is for his sister and the other is for doing the “right thing”, and no one dares to take that step.

Plus the “secrets” of Kate and Edwina’s life experiences, the high hopes given by the Queen, and more.

All the elements are there.

Coupled with a bunch of handsome men and beautiful actresses, and this vacuum world that has been deliberately created to fall in love, how can audiences who like romance dramas not love it.

Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

Being laughed at when the “Downton Abbey” movie came out is the stake always this low?

Everyone laughs at the most important thing in the play is whether it can successfully hold a dinner party.

In this play, it’s actually the same. The queen cares so much about the marriage of two noble youths. The whole world seems to revolve around whether these two people can have lovers and get married. Isn’t it funny?

But this kind of story is something that some people love to read.

The best thing about Shonda Rhimes is that she is very clear about what kind of audience she is facing, so she doesn’t care how stereotypical or fake the final product looks to the public. To the target audience, it looks absolutely cool.

Bridgerton Season 2‎: The popular costume romance is back!

The most important thing is that this kind of work looks “safe”, and the audience can always have a happy ever after fairy tale ending, no matter how many ludicrous obstacles there are.

Anyway, as a guilty pleasure, this drama is enough to let people empty their minds.

And Netflix has already renewed the third and fourth seasons, so you can watch it with confidence.

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