84-year-old Jane Fonda reveals she has non-Hodgkinlymphoma

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Jane Fonda, 84, posted that she has non-Hodgkinlymphoma and has started chemotherapy. She says she is fortunate that the cancer has an 80 percent survival rate and that she has health insurance that gives her access to the best doctors and treatment.

Jane Fonda is also distressed by the privilege, “Basically every American family has battled cancer, but it’s not right that many people don’t have access to quality health care.”

As a climate environmentalist, Jane Fonda also talks about the need for people to pay attention to the causes of cancer, not just the treatments, such as fossil fuels and pesticides that cause cancer, and she will continue to take action to work for a better living environment as she goes through the treatment process.

84-year-old Jane Fonda reveals she has non-Hodgkinlymphoma | FMV6

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