“Solar Opposites”: not only blood and violence

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“Solar Opposites”: This R-level animation, don’t just see his bloody and violent pictures.

When we talk about the two-dimensional element, don’t forget Meiman, and often come out “God-made”.

Whether it is the finished “BoJack Horseman” or the “Rick and Morty” that is already on the road in the fifth season, it has attracted a large number of fans.

"Solar Opposites": This R-level animation, don't just see his bloody and violent pictures.

Not to mention, the famous “The Simpsons”.

As adults, they often fly in depth and scale, which is more worth seeing than many American TV shows.

“BoJack Horseman” takes the path of depression, letting adults who have gone through vicissitudes of life lie flat on the bottom of the pit.

“Rick and Morty” plays with imagination.

"Solar Opposites": This R-level animation, don't just see his bloody and violent pictures.

The genius scientist Rick took his grandson Morty through time and space and used crazy adventure stories to criticize the absurdity of the world.

This is about the almighty screenwriter Justin Rowland, with the “Rick and Morty” fire, he has since become a god.

He can often also work as a director and dubbing.

In addition to cooperating with Netflix “Rick and Morty”, he and Hulu created another popular online scale drama-“Solar Opposites” last year.

The continuation of the “Rick and Morty” golden sentences frequently appeared and the brains were boundless.

The plot is different, and many people still regard it as a “sister” of “Rick and Morty”.

Recently, the second season came out all in one breath, taking advantage of the heat to talk about it.

"Solar Opposites": This R-level animation, don't just see his bloody and violent pictures.

Although both works were written by Justin Rowland, they are completely different in terms of format and perspective.

Starting from the human side, “Rick and Morty” initiates an exploration into the unknown universe, and develops in a more magnificent and bizarre direction, trying to break through the boundaries of imagination.

“Solar Opposites” starts from aliens and uses a satirical comedy scenario to examine the absurdity and pathology of human beings.

One seeks answers outwards, while the other draws away from introspection.

At first glance at this show, many viewers will think it is too violent and bloody.

Many pictures are properly R grade.

However, once accepted its setting, it will soon become irresistible.

In this seemingly “very absurd” story, there are also a lot of meaningful realistic meanings embedded in it-a satire and alert to the evil of human nature and social phenomena.

"Solar Opposites": This R-level animation, don't just see his bloody and violent pictures.

The story of “Solar Opposites” mainly revolves around a group of “alien refugees”.

At the beginning of each episode, it will tirelessly introduce their identities: The planet “Schlorpian” once had a highly developed technological civilization, which was completely destroyed by the impact of an asteroid.

The 100 adults on this planet had to take their clones and Pupa, who were assigned to them, to flee to space to find a new home.

The blue-skinned Korvo is an inventor with an odd personality.

Wearing the traditional robe of his mother planet, he is obsessed with scientific research all day long, hoping to fix the spacecraft as soon as possible and leave the ghost place of the earth.

The green-skinned Terry is a simple and easy-going man.

Not long after I came to the earth, I was assimilated by the pop culture here. I like wearing T-shirts and chasing dramas.

The two get together, and the set is similar to the alien version of “Dull and Unhappy”.

And Yumyulack and Jesse who live with them. They are clones of Korvo and Terry, respectively.

The blue-skinned Yumyulack is as arrogant as Korvo, while the green-skinned Jesse is as kind as Terry, but has changed sex.

The Pupa they brought to Earth is a growing “weapon”.

"Solar Opposites": This R-level animation, don't just see his bloody and violent pictures.

Once Pupa matures, it can release the huge power to destroy the earth and transform the earth into a new home planet suitable for this group of alien refugees.

However, before Pupa matures, they can only act in a low-key manner, form a family on the earth and integrate into human life.

Each episode will explore a variety of sharp issues, consumerism, natural destruction, racial discrimination, privacy prying, and so on.

But it was the seventh episode of the first season that made it truly a god.

Someone once commented on this episode, “It can be called the animated version of “The Hunger Games”.”

The screenwriter had been burying a secondary line before-copying the aliens Yumyulack and Jesse, and needed to go to human schools and receive education.

Although humans have been brainwashed and accepted the existence of aliens, they will still be subject to discrimination and campus bullying because of some “weird behavior”.

One day, Yumyulack became angry and shrank and imprisoned those humans he couldn’t understand, in order to punish them.

Finally, over time, a “wall country” is formed.

The story told in the seventh episode took place in the wall country.

The people trapped in the walled country established their own society and launched the class struggle of the people’s uprising, full of apocalyptic dystopia.

The rebel army headed by Tim and Cherie overthrew the tyranny established by the ruler duke.

"Solar Opposites": This R-level animation, don't just see his bloody and violent pictures.

After the uprising was successful, Tim and Cherie found a hole leading to the outside world in the Duke’s room.

It turned out that this hole allowed the Duke to obtain a large amount of materials from the outside world and grasp the supreme power.

Once this secret is breached, the Wall Nation will cease to exist.

In order to cover up this secret, Tim brutally killed Cherie who was fighting side by side and was promoted to the new dictator of the Wall Nation.

After all, in real life, he is just an ordinary waiter in a restaurant. Staying in the Wall Nation, he is admired by others and can arbitrarily control power.

So we found sadly that what this story really wanted to tell was actually a story about “the dragon slayer finally became the evil dragon”.

This uprising tragedy in which selfish desires extinguished ideals has been repeated repeatedly in class struggles.

The most commendable thing is that it happens to be the subtitle of the story of this episode, not called “The Story of the Wall Country”.
And called “Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear”.

It aims to tell the audience that the blood and blood in the wall country is actually nothing to the outside world, and even only deserves a specious name.

"Solar Opposites": This R-level animation, don't just see his bloody and violent pictures.

The universe is so vast, why do we little humans have to stay on one side of the land and kill each other?

The story of the second season continues to revolve around two narrative clues-the embarrassing life experienced by the “alien refugees” on the earth, and the intrigue still being staged in the wall country.

In the middle of the plot, the creator even blatantly shouted to Hulu.

Ask the other party for more money so they can create cool super action scenes.

Korvo and others accidentally discovered other Schlorpians on the earth. This group of Schlorpians live in the sewers of London and make a living by picking up rubbish.

They are far away from human beings, keeping Schlorpian’s living habits, wearing thick robes, and praying complicated prayers.

In them, Korvo felt a strong sense of belonging.

However, the cruel reality pierced all his illusions-it turned out that this group of people is the richest ruling class of Schlorpian.

As early as a month before the bombing of the home planet, they escaped and escaped from danger. Because they ran too fast, they were not assigned to Pupa.

Pupa in Korvo’s hands also became their new hope for entering the earth, so they began to compete.

It is ironic that rich people are reduced to poor people on the earth because of the class dividend.

And Korvo, who was brainwashed by the parent star and returned to the collective, is like strayed into the MLM organization. Next, how will he get rid of the control of the other party and regain his past life?

Regarding these highlights, I won’t be spoiled for the first time.

It is worth mentioning that the plot line in Wall Country has reignited the flames of conspiracy this season. There have been frequent murders in serial murders, but the murderers have been slow to catch them.

Cherie, who was killed by Tim and thrown into the grass, escaped by chance and got pregnant outside. What kind of counterattack will she launch after taking her child back to the wall country for revenge?

Needless to say, there must be “Why Women Kill” inside.

On the other hand, the growing Pupa also creates another unstable factor for the plot.

Turning from yellow to purple, he began to show superpowers such as letting people levitate and controlling thoughts, which seemed quite dangerous.

The story is not over yet, the third season is still being planned.

“Solar Opposites” is a collection of profound social fables, KitKat multi-line narratives, and large-scale pornographic gimmicks.

In any case, it can be regarded as the newest American manga after “Rick and Morty”.

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