What about the DC superhero movie ‘Black Adam’ ? Rotten Tomatoes is 53% fresh

What about the DC superhero movie 'Black Adam' ? Rotten Tomatoes is 53% fresh | FMV6

DC superhero movie ‘Black Adam’ will be released in Northern America this weekend and open in several overseas markets.

The media reputation of ‘Black Adam’ is also unblocked, currently 53% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (54 reviews) MTC Variety 45/100 (25 reviews).

What about the DC superhero movie 'Black Adam' ? Rotten Tomatoes is 53% fresh | FMV6

‘Black Adam’ Rotten Tomatoes is 53% fresh

‘Variety’ (60/100): The film takes away Johnson’s strongest superpower – his sense of humor.

‘Screen Daily’ (70/100): Some attractive performances and the director’s B-movie fun make the movie worth the price of admission.

‘Associated Press’ (63/100): Good work by the director and the design team in various departments, but several writers pen no novelty with a loose script that just switches from one violent scene to another like a game to cover up the lack of plot.

‘USA Today’ (50/100): Dwayne Johnson is a perfect fit for Black Adam, but he deserves a better origin piece.”

‘CNN’ (45/100): The more infinite the power of the protagonist, the weaker the movie’s script seems.

‘Rolling Stone’ (40/100): Even by the DCEU’s unreliable standards, this movie is a mess.

‘TheWrap’ (35/100): Disappointingly, ‘Black Adam’ is one of the worst superhero entries in the blockbuster studio system on a visual level, with only unattractive CG and quick cuts that suck the spectacle out of every fight scene.

‘IndieWire’ (33/100) It’s not that Johnson can’t act, he definitely knows how to act! The problem is that he doesn’t want to do it right. The problem is that he doesn’t want to act properly. He just wants to create a simple icon that children can worship. He wanted to become that legendary image. But even the greatest movie stars need to lower that stance a little bit, because only then can they be admired, not just looked up to.

‘The Playlist’ (25/100): A dull, slow piece that simply switches scenes, showing characters scurrying around in silly masks and capes, throwing out clichéd dialogue and CG light pollution, before crashing into each other and into buildings.

‘New York Post’ (25/100) is as perfunctory and clumsy as the poor quality of the DC movies.

‘The Independent’ (20/100) The audience seems to be taken away by the FBI masked, into a car driving at high speed to an unknown destination, “What are you doing? Where am I going? What does this all have to do with me?” Don’t expect to get any answers yourself, as director Jaume Collet-Serra dives headfirst into the confusing action scenes, insisting on polluting the work with those yellowish Middle Eastern background tones of poorly executed American blockbusters. The soundtrack also keeps interfering with your sense of hearing, burying all dialogue and emotion.

What about the DC superhero movie 'Black Adam' ? Rotten Tomatoes is 53% fresh | FMV6

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