‘The Batman’ sequel is slow to come, may be released in 2025


Although Matt Reeves’ version of ‘The Batman’ was well received, preparations for the film’s sequel have been very slow. Recently, a media report said that the film may be released in 3 years in 2025. For a super blockbuster, such a sequel shooting time, seems very long.

Moreover, this version of ‘Batman’ will not intersect with the current DC universe. The reason for this is that the Batman of the DC Universe is a very different style from this film. Both the character settings and the texture of the film belong to the opposite path.

'The Batman' sequel is slow to come, may be released in 2025 | FMV6

Similarly, there is a one-line version of ‘Joker’, which also does not belong to the DC Universe. For the sequel, Matt Reeves once said: “In my opinion, the most important thing is to find the right character and give the film a guarantee. If Mister Freeze can appear in the film, it would not be a good story? Actually, ‘Batman’ is a fantasy story, but I don’t rely on fantasy elements. So, you see, by doing this, is there a rule to follow?”

Judging from what Matt Reeves said, the follow-up may not have a strong sense of science fiction. Therefore, the film’s story is likely to follow the original’s imprint, using a realistic approach to tell the story of Batman.

Batman is the United States DC Comics superhero, the original name Bruce Wayne, born in the Wayne family of the four families of Gotham.

After his parents were shot at an early age, Bruce Wayne is determined to confront the city’s deepest evils and spare others from tragedies like his own.

Since then he traveled around the world, learning a fighting skills, after years of returning to Gotham, the use of financial resources to create high-tech equipment and physical ability to fight crime, as Gotham’s Dark Knight “Batman”.

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