Some media and personal comments after ‘Black Panther 2’ world premiere


Marvel’s new film ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ unblocked social media word of mouth after its world premiere, with reviews from some media and individuals.

Some media and personal comments after 'Black Panther 2' world premiere | FMV6

‘Gizmodo’: a magnificent and magnificent Marvel sequel, ambitious story, meaningful themes, heart-rending twist reversals, can feel the length of the film, but it’s FUN, beautiful and has the best post-credits egg in Marvel history, bar none.

‘CineXpressPR’: ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ is great, and (director) Coogler has come up with an emotionally rich and amazing sequel that is emotionally moving, effectively explores valuable world themes, and is a beautiful tribute to the legacy left by Chadwick Boseman. letitia( Shuri) & Tenoch (Namor) are great, and the egg during the end credits is very moving.

‘newrockstars’: ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ clearly shows how important Boseman and T’Challa are to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Without him, the movie sometimes needs a more aggressive heartbeat, and it found it at just the right time, and it was so exciting that I can’t wait for a second brush. With the loss of Boseman, I think we forget that every Black Panther in the series has been about “loss”. But this movie teaches us a new way to grieve, and I think a lot of fans need that, and some may want more, but that’s understandable, and “more” will come.

“Dani Fernandez: Without spoilers, ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ is so full of emotion! There are parts that are creepy and brutal. It was heartbreaking and beautiful, the action sequences were fierce, and the heart and soul put into showing those cultures left me in deep awe.

‘Wendy Lee Szany’: It takes you up and down, you can feel Chadwick’s departure and the whole cast is great, you can feel the journey and the grief that each actor goes through. Lots of action! Namor was great.

‘Collider’: I know you don’t believe someone who comes out of the world premiere of a movie and says something like “this movie is great”, but ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ is a great sequel, a great movie. I knew it would be emotional, and it was. Get ready to shed a tear, Ryan Coogler, well done. And, Namor is great.’ Another thing that impressed me about ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ is that Coogler took on the impossible: to do a sequel without Boseman, it had to feel respectful yet move the series forward, and he did it beautifully. It will be a big selling movie for Marvel Studios.

‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’ will be released in Northern America on November 11.

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