Netflix’s Dark Comedy ‘Dead to Me Season 3’ Releases Official Trailer, Launches Nov. 17


All of the pieces are coming together in Dead to Me season 3 — whether or not the show’s dynamic duo is ready for it.

Netflix released the first trailer for the dark comedy’s third and final season on Wednesday. In the new tease, one giant secret is coming back to haunt Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini).

“They found Steve,” the dead man’s twin, Ben (James Marsden), tells the women as Jen responds, “Oh for f—s sake.”.

The trailer is full of flashbacks to the initial hit-and-run collision that started it all, and the unexpected murder (and subsequent cover-up) of Judy’s ex-fiancé Steve (Marsden). But Judy reminds Jen how they’ve been able to make it through such a long list of unfortunate situations.

“We’ve been through a lot already, and we survived because we had each other — have each other,” she says.

But Jen and Judy continue to face more setbacks along the way. Upon returning home from the hospital after enduring yet another hit-and-run, the cops come calling with questions.

“Steve’s death, the hit-and-run, I just have this feeling it might all be connected,” cop Nick (Brandon Scott), who is also Judy’s ex, tells her.

Even Jen’s son, Charlie (Sam McCarthy), begins to question his mother and Judy’s potential involvement. “Steve is dead, and you two look guilty as f—,” he says.

Though the police may be looking in other directions at first, it doesn’t take long before it seems that Jen and Judy’s past is coming back to haunt them. Jen’s friend Christopher (Max Jenkins) reveals he didn’t delete past camera footage of the women that he promised he would, and with a tense laugh, it seems the footage could fall into the wrong hands very quickly.

Between MRIs, road trips, large wine pours and a funeral for the man they killed, Jen and Judy’s final season appears to be the precursor to the rest of their life. But whether that amounts to freedom or life behind bars has yet to be revealed.

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Dead to Me’s final season will premiere on Netflix Nov. 17.

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