Netflix takes film and TV rights to the famous game ‘Gears of War’


Netflix won the film and television rights of the famous game ‘Gears of War’. On the 16th anniversary of the game’s release, it announced the creation of a live-action movie and an adult animated series. There may be more projects in the future. The filmmaker has not yet been determined. and the lineup of producers.

Hollywood has tried to film this project for many years, New Line cinema won the copyright in 2007, and finally failed to develop.

Netflix takes film and TV rights to the famous game 'Gears of War' | FMV6

In 2009, Len Wiseman (‘Underworld‎’) was brought in by producer Wyck Godfrey to write the script, with no follow-up.

In 2016, Universal took over the operation, and Shane Salerno wrote the script, and there is no following.

‘Gears of War’ is a third-person shooter that blends survival horror into tactical action, and offers a deeply moving story that lets players experience the human and orc tribes (drilling from the depths of Thera to the surface) terrifying creatures) in a brutal battle for survival.

Gears of War follows the human civilization on the planet Sera, after a devastating war over resources led to the various factions of humanity uniting under the banner of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.

Netflix takes film and TV rights to the famous game 'Gears of War' | FMV6

Sera finds itself rocked again when a subterranean civilization known as the Locust erupts beneath humanity’s feet, declaring war on the surface dwellers and pushing them to near extinction.

As the footsoldiers of the COG, known as Gears, begin a last-ditch effort to save their species, they engage in conveniently-chest-high-cover-strewn battlefield fighting, chainsaw-gunning their way through the hordes intent on bloodily wiping them out.

Netflix takes film and TV rights to the famous game 'Gears of War' | FMV6

In the game, players must lead the war hero Marcus Fenix and his team to face the fierce attacks of various brutal monsters alone.

In the wake of everything from animated series like Castlevania and Sonic Prime to live-action shows such as Resident Evil and future acquisitions like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Division, and more, today—the 16th anniversary of the franchise, dubbed “Emergence Day” for the cataclysmic events that kick off Gears’ primary conflict—Netflix confirmed that it is producing two series set in the Gears of War universe.

The first is a live-action movie adaptation of the franchise—presumably finally killing the long-in-limbo plan by Universal to adapt the franchise—and the second is an adult animated series.

‘Gears of War’ marks the newest high-profile gaming adaptation around, a push largely driven by Netflix itself after its own cracks at gaming-adjacent franchises like The Witcher, or the aforementioned animated series covering everything from Castlevania to Tekken.

‘Gears of War’ is the latest in a long line of upcoming announced gaming adaptations from the streamer, and alongside its own forays into gaming itself, it’s clear Netflix is making a big bet on games as part of its future.

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