Netflix hit ‘The Crown Season 5’ releases Featurette, Meet The New Casts


Netflix’s hit drama ‘The Crown Season 5’ released Featurette, a new batch of leading actors shared their creative feelings and talked about the character’s story development.

‘The Crown Season 5’ sees the show enter a whole new decade, and with it we see a brand new cast join the Netflix show. Hear from the new cast as they talk about their experience stepping into the royal roles.

Featuring Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Dominic West as Prince Charles, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana and Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret alongside Peter Morgan, Writer and Suzanne Mackie, Executive Producer.

This season’s plot description reads: “Based on real events, this fictional series dramatizes the story of Queen Elizabeth II, who has gone through numerous political changes and personal challenges along the way to make her Glorious era. Entering the 1990s, the royal family faced the most difficult challenge in its history: proving to the British people that the royal family still has value. Diana and Charles started a media war, and the foundation of the royal family began to crumble.”

‘The Crown Season 5’ will go live on November 9.

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