Jennifer Lawrence quits new ‘Bad Blood’ due to Amanda Seyfried’s superb performance


Jennifer Lawrence withdrew from starring in the new film ‘Bad Blood’, originally scheduled for her to play the famous “female version of Steve Jobs” Elizabeth Holmes, and she watched the episode of the same subject ‘The Dropout’ after thinking that the star Amanda Seyfried’s performance was superb and she did not think it was necessary to do it all over again.

‘Bad Blood’ was picked up by Apple Studios and directed by Adam McKay. The story focuses on the famous Theranos blood test company scam: Holmes founded the medical technology company Theranos and made a billion dollar fortune at a young age.

Jennifer Lawrence quits new 'Bad Blood' due to Amanda Seyfried's superb performance | FMV6

She promised to overhaul blood testing, but the company has since been accused of massive fraud, distributing false blood test results to consumers.

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