Ghibli X ‘Star Wars’? Ghibli Studio releases mysterious teaser announcing that it will collaborate with Lucasfilm


One tweet. Fourteen seconds. An infinite amount of excitement. That’s what happened earlier today when the official Twitter account for Studio Ghibli tweeted a video of its logo accompanied by the logo for Lucasfilm. The implication, of course, is some kind of team-up, but what could it be?

Instantly the mind races to the most mind-boggling conclusion. Something like “Hayao Miyazaki must be making a feature-length animated Star Wars movie!” But while it’s fun to think like that, let’s step things back a bit.

Don’t forget that Lucasfilm has a TV show called Star Wars Visions that’s comprised of short films in the Star Wars universe from various animation houses across the world, and season two is on the way. That seems like a more logical conclusion, no?

There’s also the matter of Star Wars not being the only property Lucasfilm controls. Indiana Jones is the second biggest, though a collab there seems less than likely, as well as Willow, which is set to make its big comeback on Disney+ later this month.

Could a Willow short hyping up the new season be a possibility? Is that something Ghibli would even do?

Again, this could be the biggest news ever or nothing at all. It’s important to temper expectations. At least a bit.

For the Star Wars fan with everything.These lightsabers powered by Neopixels, LED strips that run inside the blade shape that allow for adjustable colors, interactive sounds, and changing animation effects when dueling.

But let’s be honest. Even tempered expectations don’t dampen the amazing truth of the following sentence.

Arguably the greatest animation studio in the world, Studio Ghibli, is teaming up with one of the coolest pop culture companies there is, Lucasfilm.

Whatever it ends up being is certainly going to be exciting.

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