Disney is developing an ‘Indiana Jones’ series, it’s coming to Disney+


With ‘Indiana Jones 5’ set to be the last time Harrison Ford dons the hat and whip, seemingly for real this time, the world of the globe-trotting, Nazi-decking archaeologist might live on beyond him in a new streaming show.

Variety reports that Lucasfilm and Disney are in the very early stages of floating a potential streaming series set in the world of Indiana Jones for the House of Mouse’s streaming platform, Disney+.

Disney is developing an 'Indiana Jones' series, it's coming to Disney+ | FMV6

Harrison Ford has previously stated that ‘Indiana Jones 5’ will be his last time playing Indiana Jones, and Disney is exploring some options to continue the series, possibly new movies, episodes, etc.

No details about the potential series are available yet, as the studio is still seeking a writer, but whatever form the series takes it will presumably not star Harrison Ford as Jones, who is set to bow out of the titular role with Indiana Jones 5 next year.

The series could either follow other characters affiliated with Indy or be a prequel to the events of the films—akin to the last time Indiana Jones hit the small screen in the 1992 ABC series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which followed a younger version of the archaeological hero.

Disney is developing an 'Indiana Jones' series, it's coming to Disney+ | FMV6

Whatever it becomes, Variety alleges that the Disney+ series is just one aspect of larger plans to keep Indiana Jones afloat in a post-Ford era; sources say Disney is currently exploring a number of options to keep the franchise going, which could mean a series, new films, other media, or a combination thereof.

We’ll bring you more on Lucasfilm’s plans for Indiana Jones as and when we learn them.

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